I’m Kim.

My earliest travels began before I was out of a stroller, with family drives cross-country in our Coachmen C-Class RV. Since then, my life has been filled with adventures on the road, experiencing new places and exploring new sights. I’ve grown up on the road, in many ways literally and figuratively, with each mile teaching more about myself than I knew before.

From the Road I’m On is a place to share adventures and lessons learned from traveling with others, in hopes you’ll feel inspired to get out there and see this incredible world we’re living in.

From the road so far…

“Lose touch with the world, find yourself.”

From the Road I’m On

“There’s a special kind of magic that comes from seeing the world up close that you just can’t get from a 30,000 foot view.”

From the Road I’m On

“Make a conscious decision to never live a day in fear. Evil can happen anywhere, but so can kindness and strength.”

From the Road I’m On

Let’s build something together.