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Hi friends, I’m Kim.

My earliest travels began before I was out of a stroller, with family drives cross-country in our Coachmen C-Class RV.  Since then, my life has been filled with adventures on the road, experiencing new places and exploring new sights.

My travels have made me a pro when it comes to national parks, obscure smalltown America, and how to take a long car ride with two pups, among many other things. From living in our nation’s capital to exploring the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and now back home in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, I’ve grown up mile after mile on the road, learning more about myself with every place I’ve traveled.

From the Road I’m On is a place to share my adventures, my wisdom (for what it’s worth) and show off some cute puppy photos. Hopefully you feel inspired to get out there and see this incredible world that we’re living in. Or at least, you’ll have a few ideas to help every place you go – from big cities to the middle of nowhere and everywhere in between – a special chapter in your own story.

Let’s make travel magic together. Contact me at fromtheroadimon@gmail.com for all collaboration + partnership opportunities.