Farewell 2019: Here’s to the end (and start) of an era

…”it’s not where you are that make the adventures matter. All that matters is that you still choose adventure, no matter how big or small, wherever you are.”

When the Unthinkable Follows You Home from New York to Pittsburgh

“He told me every morning he makes a conscious decision to never live a day in fear. Evil can happen anywhere, but so can kindness and strength.”

Your Mountain is Waiting, So Get on Your Way: A Patagonian Adventure

“All I knew was somehow boarding this plane would get me one step closer. And somehow, in some way, this journey to the southernmost part of Chile would hold the answers I was seeking.”

Music City in Photos

Nashville is one of those places that you can feel the energy as soon you set foot within the city limits. The creativity, the talent, the passion…it’s contagious. Below are some of my favorite snaps from my trips to Music City over the years. You can bet I’ll be back soon to take in moreContinue reading “Music City in Photos”