9 Things to Do in Washington, DC

During the eight years I lived in DC, I watched the city change drastically. Here are a few of my favorite spots I found over the years in the nation’s capital:

1. Gypsy Sally’s

Located in Georgetown on K St, Gypsy Sally’s is one of my favorite live music venues in the city and favorite places to enjoy a Shiner Ruby Red and pretend I’m in Nashville. There’s nothing about this place that is “Georgetown-esque” and frankly nothing about it makes sense with the ritzy neighborhood outside of its doors. But this little pocket of a low-country vibe offers a relaxed environment to catch up with friends over a small bite to eat and take in a concert from close to the stage.

2. Baked & Wired

Yes, you might see a very long line outside of Georgetown Cupcakes on M St and they might have a reality television show about them. But ask pretty much any local and they’ll tell you about the real best cupcakes in the District. You’ll find them also located in Georgetown, at Baked & Wired. This quirky, hipster coffee shop often has a line too so prepare yourself.  Also, for all of those who love a good dirty chai as much as I do, this quirky shop may or may not label your order as “Dirty {Insert Your Name Here}”. Just giving a heads up before you start noticing getting some stares at your coffee cup 🙂

3. Black Jack

Black Jack is my favorite bar in the city, located in the U Street Corridor. They make homemade ginger beer which makes for the best Dark & Stormy in town. I usually end up eating more than my body weight in french fries anytime I’m here too – make sure to try them! In addition great food and drink, the atmosphere is unlike other bars in DC – complete with bocce court, black and white movies being played behind the bar, and big comfy couches.

4. Thomas Sweet

Ice cream may be my biggest addiction in life…and Thomas Sweet is partly to blame. This little shop has a ridiculous amount of flavors and I’ve never had anything from here I didn’t love. This spot is frequented by everyone from busy professionals, college students, to President Obama and everyone in between so you’ll never know who you may spot here!

5. Peregrine Espresso

Peregrine Espresso is another one of my favorite coffee shops in DC, mostly because it’s just so simple and so good. Some of my favorite pastimes in DC include holding a cup in hand from Peregrine Espresso going through a leisurely stroll down the U Street Corridor and Logan Circle neighborhoods.

6. Biergarten Haus

Located on H St, Biergarten Haus is the perfect spot for drinking big beers and eating pretzels with friends and pretending you’re at Oktoberfest. One of the biggest beer gardens in town and located in an up and coming neighborhood.

7. Cantina Marina

Cantina Marina is one of my go-to spots in the summertime because 1). It’s on the water and who doesn’t love that? 2). It’s the perfect spot to pregame a Nats game. What else says summer afternoon in the district?

8. Daikaya

You’ll probably see Daikaya ranked on a lot of “Best of” Washington DC lists and they’re not kidding – this place is awesome. Although there’s often a wait, they tend to keep things moving quickly and the ramen is absolutely worth the wait. After spending time in Japan, this is the only restaurant I’ve found that embodies authentic Japanese cuisine, down to serving legitimate real green tea.

9. Teddy Roosevelt Island

A self-pronounced running addict, I’ve run a lot of trails and routes in the nation’s capital. Teddy Roosevelt Island is my favorite route. My route usually started in Georgetown to run by the Harbor and over the Key Bridge into Rosslyn before taking the bridge onto the island. The stunning views over the Potomac on the way over to the island in addition to being on the trails in the island makes it a nice escape from city living.


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Hi friends, I'm Kim. I started writing at an early age, mailing short stories and song lyrics cross country to my favorite penpal, my grandfather. As a journalist and editor by profession, he didn't go easy on me and equipped me with revisions well beyond my years. I credit him with both giving me the writing bug, and challenging me to push my work. Since then, I've written anything and everything I can get my hands on. Articles, social media posts, songs, short stories, academic reports, to-do lists, journal entries, and everything in between. In addition to my own travel blog, From The Road I'm On, I am a regularly featured contributor for Visit Pittsburgh.

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