8 Fun Fall Fitness Activities in Pittsburgh

For all of my Pittsburgh friends out there, here are some of my favorite fall fitness activities in the Steel City as included in a guest blog I wrote for Visit Pittsburgh: http://bit.ly/2eAfQO5

  1. Take a Hike!

One of the best things about fall are the cooler temperatures perfect for spending time in the great outdoors. While Pittsburgh itself is home to many great parks to stretch your legs, there are also many places not too far from the city that are great to visit in the fall. McConnells Mill State Park is one of my favorite places for a picturesque hike that’s only a quick drive away. My boyfriend, Mitch, and I take our pup, Max there to hike along the water and watch the kayakers. I can’t tell who loves the trails more, us or Max!

McConnells Mill State Park
  1. ‘Tis the Season for Turkey Trots

I’m sure this one is already on many of your lists, but I can’t leave out the always popular turkey trots! While there are dozens of regional turkey trots taking place all over western Pennsylvania, I’m the most excited about the PNC YMCA Turkey Trot on Nov. 24. The race has a variety of events ranging from a 1 mile, 5k, 5 mile, to a special “Double Gobble” – 5k followed by a 5 mile! It’s also dog-friendly and stroller-friendly so the entire family can come out to take part. (Nov. 24)

  1. Lions and Tigers, and 5ks, Oh My!

If lions and tigers and bears are more of your thing than turkeys, than the ZooZilla 5k Run/Walk is definitely your kind of race. This race takes place at the Pittsburgh Zoo and is ideal for competitive runners, leisurely walkers, and animal lovers alike.  Even better, participants get free admission to spend the day enjoying the zoo after the race. (Nov. 6)

  1. You Can Go the Distance

If you’re feeling up for a longer run this fall, you’ll definitely want to check out the EQT 10 Miler.  Pittsburgh’s famed “Fall Road Race” takes runners on a scenic route throughout the city, with the starting line located near Station Square. There’s also a popular 2-person relay option if you’re looking to take on the course together with a friend. (Nov. 6)

  1. Go on a Fitness & Foliage Road Trip

One of the most important things about finding time for fitness, especially in the colder months, is remembering to keep it fun. What better way than pairing your workout with a road trip? Harper’s Ferry is the perfect place to get your workout in on a hike while also getting to enjoy some scenic views, local farm to table cuisine, and of course, the fall foliage. If you’re looking to head a bit further out-of-town, Shenandoah National Park has over 500 miles of trails, including 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

Path Through the Woods at Harper’s Ferry, WV
  1. Go for a Climb – Inside!

If you’d rather stay indoors to exercise, check out The Climbing Wall in Point Breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned climbed or a newbie, this gym welcomes all levels. The experts at the Climbing Wall offer different lessons, classes, and certifications, as well as daily passes and a variety of membership options for regulars. Climbing is a great workout for your entire body and fun way to mix it up from your normal gym or running routine.

  1. Bounce, Jump, and Dunk!

As we’re all kids at heart, fall’s a great time to channel your younger days and get your workout in indoors at a trampoline park. Sky Zone is a popular park that not only has trampolines but also 10,000 foam cubes that are just waiting for you to jump in. They offer different events such as open jumps, dodgeball, Skyslam – where trampoline launch pads allow you to dunk like a pro, and Skyrobics – a fitness class that is sure to make all other aerobics classes look boring.

  1. Take It to the Ice

One of my favorite pastimes growing up in Pittsburgh is coming down to the rink at PPG to go ice skating every year. And while Christmas may still be a little while away, this November, both the PPG rink and the Schenley Park Skating Rink will be open and ready for you to show off your moves. Get ready to make some new memories – either with friends, on a date night, or with the entire family – while burning a few calories on the ice.

Mass Mutual Pittsburgh Ice Rink
Mass Mutual Pittsburgh Ice Rink

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