6 Things 2016 Taught Me

It’s that time of year again. The time when you see gyms full of those working towards short-lived resolutions, the time when magazine headlines and morning talk shows are all talking about “New Year, New You.” Admittedly, I think we’d all call ourselves a “work-in-progress”. Starting into 2017, that’s where I am. I have challenges and goals I want to work on for this upcoming year but all-in-all, I’m a happy camper. 2016 was a crazy ride, but it taught me some amazing lessons that have helped shaped my start to 2017. I want to share with you all so hopefully, just maybe, they’ll help shape yours too as we think to this new year ahead:

“There is No Lemon So Sour That You Can’t Make Something Resembling Lemonade”

One of my favorite quotes from one of my new favorite shows of 2016, This is Us, is something I tried to keep in mind this year. There were times when things did not go according to plan. When I thought my world was going to fall apart. But every time, my friends, things only got better. And I realized, there truly is something positive in any situation you get yourself into, you just have to look for it.

Assume Positive Intent

Admittedly, I’m an anxious person. And in the past few years, my anxiety has gotten the best of me. Paralyzed me with fear, doubt, and insecurity. But then, in Colorado, I learned a new mantra that has made all the difference. What I’ve learned is sometimes I can be my own biggest enemy. And 95% of the time, humans aren’t as bad as you think they are. We’re all trying to figure this out. Sometimes the only person out to get you or hold you back is yourself.

Here & Now

Forward-thinking. Planning for your future. Investments. These are all concepts that are ingrained in us from an early age. But what I constantly have to remind myself is to stay in the moment, in the present. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, next year, or in the next hour. Every venture is an adventure – make the most of it, take it all in, and move on to the next when you’re ready.

Love the Ones You Got

This past year has been one of new friends entering my life, and sadly of beloved friends leaving. The only positive light I could take away is to hold your loved ones close, tell them you love them, and in the end, that’s all that matters. No matter how trying things get, I am forever thankful to be surrounded by my amazing friends and family and that at the end of the day I get to come how to my incredible boyfriend and loyal pup in our home together.

New Beginnings Come All the Time

The New Year is without a doubt the most obvious time to think of a new mark, a new beginning in our lives. But the truth is, new chapters happen all the time. Some are short, some are long, but new chapters are always happening. All we have to do is embrace them.

Will it Really Matter?

I’m a passionate person. I like to put my all into whatever I do. While I consider this a positive attribute of mine, it can also be a double-edged sword. I hate letting others down or getting upset when things don’t go according to plan. But, the new test I learned from 2016 when I got upset is to stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “In a year from now (or maybe even a few weeks from now..) will this really matter?” A lot of the little stresses in life will disappear once you ask yourself that question and help to shrug off the small stuff. So even when you feel like your world is falling apart, just remember, it’ll go away soon and it’s just the beginning!

Cheers and best wishes to adventures in 2017! Happy New Year, my friends.



Published by From the Road I'm On

Hi friends, I'm Kim. I started writing at an early age, mailing short stories and song lyrics cross country to my favorite penpal, my grandfather. As a journalist and editor by profession, he didn't go easy on me and equipped me with revisions well beyond my years. I credit him with both giving me the writing bug, and challenging me to push my work. Since then, I've written anything and everything I can get my hands on. Articles, social media posts, songs, short stories, academic reports, to-do lists, journal entries, and everything in between. In addition to my own travel blog, From The Road I'm On, I am a regularly featured contributor for Visit Pittsburgh.

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